Live and learn: sharing a practice of imprfection

- 2 mins read

I started this blog because I wanted to write more. Writing and sharing my writing help me clarify my thoughts and become a better communicator. Communication is one of our Dona-Koppe family values.

I have dreams to write about many different topics through this blog – personal, professional, concrete, abstract. In a flurry of new year energy, I recently brainstormed a list of about 30 blog posts. The list is both energizing and daunting. Some of the posts were finished quickly while others – like this one – took substantial time. Like everything in life, practice will make the process more efficient, more familiar, more intuitive.

Why do I sometimes take longer to write? At times, I am guarded – I put my armor up. I don’t say what’s on my mind. I withhold my opinion and/or emotions. I turn ideas over and over in my head. Will speaking up help? Will sharing expose my faults? Will sharing push people away?

At other times in life, I am vulnerable, open, direct, clear and authentic. These are much more effective social connection strategies, but they can also feel intolerably risky. I can be seduced towards perfectionism, fleeing the situation, or withdrawing.

I strive to embrace vulnerability as a strength: to share my imprfect view and story, a current struggle, my unrefined dream. I think that when I do, I can live and learn and dream better because we’ll build a community together.