I left Indeed

- 3 mins read

My last day at Indeed was Friday, March 10. I spent about 14 of my 36 years there, approximately 40% of my life. It’s been a fun ride! I’ve grown so much during my time at Indeed, in large part because of the amazing people that I got to learn from. I cherish the friendships that I’ve developed through these years and will continue to grow them. I consider myself lucky to have joined Indeed, and I feel grateful for being a part of growing a company with a socially-oriented mission of helping people get jobs. I am excited for the next phase in my life, equipped with lessons from these years of growth at Indeed.

I’ve been dreaming of this day for about 5 years when my parental leave for Leo was ending. At that time, I lamented to my great friend that I didn’t want to go back to work because I was having such a good time with Mar and Leo, climbing and learning. Since then, we had another son, Nico, and my job at Indeed grew in scope. Time and attention became even more precious. Through a course at work, I realized that I was suppressing and repressing my feelings and needs and therefore ignoring stress and burning out - both in work life and in personal life. So, I dove into learning and began a practice of naming my feelings & needs, and making explicit requests to myself or others, to try to meet more needs of more people, including myself. I learned about the importance of attachment and authenticity for all of us (especially for children) and how sometimes we can sacrifice our authenticity (e.g. withhold parts of ourselves) to remain attached or connected.

I learned that I want more time with family, friends, myself and the great outdoors. I want to foster a life where the essential needs of children are prioritized. I want my family to feel deeply understood by me and vice versa. I want to be unhurried and present. I want to meander and play. I want to stare at the tree bark and leaves. I want to play daddy spider. I want to grow gardens, harvest, cook and feast with them. I want to be a dad, partner, son and friend.

So, I’m done with work for now. Someday, I can imagine myself doing some work again in the outdoor realm at some intersection of emotional awareness, social justice and climate change. But there’s no rush.

I’d love to chat with you, support you, be in nature with you, climb a rock with you, or otherwise connect, so please reach out :)